Simple and beautiful home server dashboard with Homarr and Dashdot

I was looking for a one-stop solution for the home lab dashboard that will show the main server starts and links to my self-hosted apps on the same page. And also will look not like a Windows 95. Also will be configurable from the UI. Also will be able to control my Docker containers from the same UI… That’s a lot of requirements, but I found a solution that meets all requirements and stays simple and minimalistic.

That’s actually not a single solution, but a combination of two good products.


A simple, yet powerful dashboard for your server, as stated on the official website. Can be easily installed as a Docker container or an Unraid community app plugin and this is the hardest part of the configuration. Adding apps and integrations to the Homarr is a simple, couple-clicks task.


Dash. (or Dashdot) is a very nice-looking dashboard that can display your server stats and also can be easily installed as a Docker container.

And the fun part is that these two tools can be connected together so you can see Dash. dashboard as a widget on your Homarr dashboard!

Head to the Homarr and Dash. websites to see all available features and configuration options.




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